Everything I own fits in my backpack but I just wish I could go home and be a regular kid with mom and dad, wherever they are.

Maybe this house will be different. The people are nice so far. They just asked me if I wanted to go to camp. What is that? Something in the summer when school’s out. Maybe. If I’m still here. Can’t plan too far in advance when you’re a foster kid.

(Time passes, camp happens)


Whoa! That camp thing was pretty awesome. I felt like a real kid. Got to swim everyday. They had a zipline! And this sweet lady painted my nails. It tickled and I laughed so hard. Best. Week. Ever. Hope I can come again.

This is a tiny tiny glimpse from an awesome humbling inspiring week photographing foster camp last summer at Ponderosa Bible Camp. Hey foster families. Keep going. It matters.